Aquarius October 2014 Horoscope

Aquarius October 2014 Horoscope prediction:
Aquarius, the ultimate indication of the Air trine, can relax during Oct 2014. Yes, this will be truly a peace and silent, which is perfect for some close relatives time, or for some innovative perform that needs isolation and religious balance. This scenario will create due to the incredible mixture that will occur from the place of Mercury, Mars and Saturn. Mercury, the one exalted in the Aquarius indication, will enhance its positivity due to the nearby planet's and will have a beneficial impact over the perform and fund part of Scorpio’s lifestyle. However, Mars, the one accountable for the "fall" of the Aquarius indication, will substitute its adverse signals for smooth, but powerful surf of beneficial power that will help you discover a way out of any challenging scenario relevant to your individual connections. Saturn as the heavenly leader of this indication will equally spread its positivity, providing each part of Aquarius’s lifestyle enough effective and innovative power. Unfortunately, even such beneficial mixture has its own weak points. From the first one fourth of the Celestial satellite up to the Complete Celestial satellite (October 12-19), almost the whole outstanding positivity will be obstructed and it will be changed by the impact of the dangerous Venus, which will not carry anything excellent to the Aquarius indication.

In Oct 2014, the company part will be a quite good time, but not without its problems for the Aquarius indication. However, under the qualified and cold-blooded strategy of Venus’s negative ideas, which will create its overall look in the center of the 1 month, can be quickly neutralized or even turned into your own advantage. As for the first one fourth of the 1 month, you can be confident that each of your efforts will be accepted by the ones around you, and you will get full assistance from your co-workers, associates and superiors (if any). You can use non-traditional techniques to deal with outstanding circumstances, but there is no need to carry everything fanaticism and the saying “a new fear requires your ideas off the old one”, now this is clearly not the best choice. Evaluate, arrange and select the best choice, no issue how much this choice is uncommon. Even if due to your natural conservatism you never organized to create many changes in your work-flow, it does not mean that these changes can do you any damage. By the way, in the battle with Venus in mid-October, overall look would be a excellent tool. Of course, along with a diplomatic and qualified strategy. Endure this level (from the First Quarter to the Complete Moon), and you can have no question that factors will become simpler later on.

However, when it comes to Aquarius’s romantic lifestyle everything will be much simpler. Here you will be needed to use a lowest attempt of your inner sources. You will be in 7th paradise during the first ten times of Oct. Moreover, if you have not discovered your other 50 percent (even if you do not want to), in this present interval, especially towards the end of the first one fourth, destiny may help you in this issue. Just do not range yourself from surprising associates, no issue how difficult it is for you. Probably, the blossom of a turmoilous and enthusiastic really like can appear in the center of the second one fourth of the 1 month, when the adverse impact of Venus will be at its most maximum. But do not quit, battle for your pleasure, get the one that you really want to see next to you. Simultaneously, keep in ideas that now your emotions will be much more honest than your ideas.
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