Leo December 2014 Horoscope

Leo December 2014 Horoscope prediction:
For the indication Leo, Dec 2014 will be a very challenging time. The purpose for this unusual scenario can be found in the point that none of the common beneficial blends of heavenly techniques in the solar energy techniques will have anything to do with this indication. Meanwhile, some adverse causes will have their impact. For example, the Sun, due to its overall mixture with other planet's, have missing its energy as as a heavenly leader of the Leo indication, certainly decline the safety energy over this indication. Simultaneously, the adverse energy of Uranus will not be deflected, as Uranus is in cost of the “expulsion” of the indication of Leo. In this Situation, Uranus will progressively concentrate its adverse signals on individual connections of Leos, while Mercury, accountable for the “fall” of the Leo indication, will not shy away from providing problems in business and financial situation. Of course, the exalt of Leo – Pluto, will try to secure its earthly protege, and will offer important energy, but this energy is unlikely to be highly effective enough to hold up against such a highly effective attacker.
As a outcome, in Dec 2014, the company area for the associates of the indication of Leo cannot carry neither beneficial characteristics, nor, at least, balance. The Sudden negative ideas will be too highly effective, especially since the business industry is his local factor. Some aspect of the Pluto’s beneficial energy may be used for reducing down the growth of disputes, but definitely not for their removal or protection. So get prepared, as a whole stream of issues will make an effort to overcome you this 30 days. Nevertheless, these issues will not be fighting from every side at once. You should wait for the biggest negative ideas to come down from control. So those who perform for themselves will be in a a little bit more beneficial scenario. For those who want to perform for other people than to start their own company, it is recommended to keep working more complicated and to keep their oral cavity closed provided that possible. Of course, if you do value your workplace. Currently, your control will be incorrect often, but directing that out is needless. First of all, because purpose critique will not be approved. Secondly, another person's errors may come to be to your advantage. So just keep with it.
Where you should not keep struggling, is in the area of individual connections. Uranus, furthermore, will not be that bad in managing your indication. This world will not as much try to convert your family members members associates against you, but will try to reveal their real purposes, wishes and objectives, many of which will basically oppose your lifestyle concepts. Of course, there is a pretty important opportunity that at the appropriate stage of determination and a highest possible use of your diplomatic present, you will still be able of eliminating most of the adverse impacts of Uranus, which will gradually cause to extinguishing of most serious disputes. But think twice before you do so. After all, most of the issues will not be in you, or in your connections with family members associates, but that some of them will not be as fresh in their objectives or ideas in regards to you. The choice is, of course, up to you, but keep in mind that the celebrities are unlikely to do something just because. And in Dec, they will suggest you a very near look at those who stroll beside you on the thorny direction of lifestyle. After all, it could quickly be the situation that someone who you consider your buddy is, actually, seeking a very tangible and self-serving objective, using you as a device.
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