Leo October 2014 Horoscope

Leo October 2014 Horoscope prediction:
The associates of the Leo indication, in Oct 2014, can look ahead to a very exciting, although an incredibly unexplained mind-set from the heavenly systems in the solar power system. And this scenario is due, first of all, to Leo’s “celestial leader” - the Black Celestial satellite. The power of this astral individual is so exclusive and international to our galaxy, that there is not the least possibility of perfectly forecasting the growth of the activities with which the Black Celestial satellite is somehow linked. Although in Oct of this year, the impact of the Black Celestial satellite will be clearly valuable, all of the celebrity blends, in which this outstanding individual body takes part, are referring to this. Consequently, Leo can depend on a very highly effective friend associate, to which you need to be very cautious. Although the Sun, the one exalted in the Leo indication, and Pluto, his heavenly leader, will also not stay on the side lines, and will aim at eliminating the adverse thoughts of Uranus and Mercury, the ones accountable for the "exile" and the "fall" of the Leo indication.

In regards to the business part, in Oct 2014, all other things being equivalent, Leo should get prepared for some serious excitement. And these excitement will be due to Mercury’s action, which will deliver incredibly adverse “feelings” towards Leo. These "feelings" will not take a quite a while to create their overall look. And under their impact anything can occur - from techniques to individual emotions. In other terms, get prepared for continuous technical issues, and the actions of your co-workers will be described by obvious negligence. Also it is not a intelligent concept to depend on your superiors, because they (your superiors) will either go on a holiday, or they will become incredibly remote. The outcome can be deplorable. Especially if we take into account that at this time the Sun is in cost of this part of Leo’s lifestyle, it will not be able to completely hold up against Mercury’s adverse thoughts. But then, you should keep in mind that the Black Celestial satellite is on the side of this indication, to which power only the Black Sun can be in comparison, which has not been triggered for the last three and a 50 percent million years. So, with the Complete Black Celestial satellite (October 5) up until the end of the 30 days, you can depend on the fact that any problem will be resolved. Quick and hard. There will be no hurdle that dares to take a position against you in any way for years. Of course, you will significantly modify your picture in the sight of your co-workers for a nastier one, but someone who knows how to easily take care of any issues.

The same factor will be occurring with your personal connections. But, with one factor - your actions will not modify, since the Black Celestial satellite will choose to negotiate all issues without your contribution. What does this mean? First of all, that Uranus, which has made the decision to only harm your romantic lifestyle, has no possibility of efficiently finishing its strategy. This implies that your buddies and family will be secure, and as a outcome they will thank you for the effective quality of the complicated circumstances, regardless of your level of participation. Take undeserved laurels whether you are a champion or not – it is specifically your factor, believe in me, the Black Celestial satellite, will not get upset. Currently very few people will choose to get mad at you, even if you are incorrect in some way. Of course, some activities will have a reaction later on, and not actually a beneficial one. Therefore, try to evaluate the exclusive circumstances and create advised choices. By the way, the celebrities recommend that there will be a number of minutes in which it would be better for you to pay attention to the speech of your center, not to your mind. It is difficult to validate what those minutes will be.
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