Rooster 2014 Horoscope

Poultry and Equine are village animals. But Poultry doesn't like Equine, because Poultry feels stress from Equine. According to China Five Components concept. Poultry is in Steel team. Equine in in Flame team. Flame can burn the Steel. That's why Poultry is afraid of Equine.

Chicken should have a great season in the season of Reptile. Fortunately, Poultry will continue to do well in the season of Equine. The Pleasure Celebrity, Paradise Celebrity and Celestial satellite Celebrity are toward Poultry individuals in one time. This Equine season will be a wonderful one for Poultry individuals. The Really like Celebrity and Romantic Celebrity are also showing in 2014. Poultry individuals will have a delighted season for their love connection.

Career: In China Daily horoscopes, Equine contains Flame, World. Flame is relevant to Profession Celebrity to Poultry individuals. Flame brings Poultry individuals more job projects and demands, which is the job chance. World inside the Equine is relevant to someone offering assistances and rights for Poultry individuals. There is a Celestial satellite Celebrity showing in 2014. That indicates the person helping you could be a female. Therefore, the individuals connection in the office is very important to Poultry individuals. You need to develop those connections first. Otherwise, you cannot discover them when you need help. Without individuals help, Poultry is hard to challenge the stress from Equine Flame.

Money: 2014 is a Wood made Equine season. Timber of 2014 symbolizes Cash to Poultry individuals. So Cash is there. Poultry individuals have to discover a way to get it. Since Cash rests beside Equine, Poultry needs to overcome the stress from Equine before attaining the cash. That means Poultry individuals still need some effort, bravery, efforts and energy to earn the cash. Remember that you cannot be too selfish. If you make too much noise, then Equine might be disrupted and jump up to hurt you. In this situation, money trouble might bring you a court action.

Wood of 2014 is also linked with the Pleasure Celebrity. If you have better income, then you will know how to live your life.

Love: Poultry and Equine don't have special love connection, according to China Five Components concept. But Poultry individuals have very best of luck for each other connection. The Love Celebrity appears in 2014. Poultry individuals will become popular in their online community. They will have more chances to meet the opposite sex. Timber of 2014 is linked with girlfriend or wife to a man. Therefore, male single Poultry individuals have better probability to discover their new partner than females.

Another Really like Celebrity is for individuals for each other. They should be able to develop further love connection. The marriage connection is also possible. Brushing Love Celebrity and Really like Celebrity is not excellent for married Poultry individuals. If they have double love connections in one time, they might end up a a lot of cash loss because of romantic endeavors. The worse situation will become a court action.

Health: Some stress comes from the job. That will impact Poultry individuals wellness once for a while. There are minimal Unfortunate Stars relevant to wellness in 2014. Sometimes, it will cause minor illness. If you watch your wellness often, have enough sleep and excellent rest, then you can recover pretty quick from those minimal problems. Mature or fed up Poultry individuals need to pay attention on their breathing. They have better live in a excellent air quality community to protect their neck and breathing system. The long-distance travel is not recommended for elderly people and fed up ones in the season of Equine season.
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