Ox 2014 Horoscope

Ox is an creature that lives in the village. Equine is handled better than Ox by human. Individuals always prepare a big running ground for Horse. Ox do more problems agriculture job than Horse. Ox may be envious on Equine. The connection between Ox and Equine is not too excellent.

In China astrology, Ox is in World team and Equine is in Flame team. Flame is the mother factor of World, since Flame burns up up things into World. Flame is relevant to mother and father, education and protection to Ox. So actually Equine likes you about Ox. Since Ox individuals receive benefits from mother and father, they will proper worry about their close relatives, too.

In China Five Element concept, Ox contains World with some H2o. So Cow is linked with a wet ground or organic farmland. Flame of Equine is linked with sunlight. Without growing veggie or place, the land is lost. 2014 is a Timber made Equine season. Timber is linked with shrub or place. Therefore, Cow people can expect a excellent collect in 2014.

Career: 2014 is a Timber made Equine season. Timber of 2014 is the Profession Celebrity to Ox. Ox individuals concentrate on their energy on career in 2014. Profession Timber will carry chance and stress on Ox. Equine to Cow is the Mother or father Celebrity. Equine will help Ox to handle the stress. That means someone will help Ox people when the problem appears. Therefore, Cow individuals career fortune should be much better than the season before.

Snake of 2013 is also a Flame season. Generally, the job fortune will carry over from 2013. If you did well in 2013, Then 2014 will carry you even better career chance. However, there is an issue when Equine comes too close Ox.  Equine contains Flame and World, which is relevant to your manager, associates or opponents. Since Cow everyone is diligent creature with tiny issue, your manager or associates might give you extra works or obligations to create you extremely active. If your projects are beyond capacity, then your efficiency drops and your popularity will be broken.

Money: H2o is linked with cash to Cow people. There is no H2o in the Timber made Equine season. Therefore, cash fortune to Cow is reasonable in 2014.  Cow people should look for constant income from the income job. Any short-term dangerous investment is not recommended. To get cash on real properties or house enhancement is a better approach. Generally, management should use the same method as Reptile season. If you have cash loss last season, you must be too selfish and didn't read our tips in 2013.

Love: Equine is the Loving Celebrity to Cow. That indicates that Cow many people have excellent people connection and have better probability to meet the opposite sex in 2014. But since the common harming connection of Cow and Equine, The really like connection to Cow people 2014 is hard to end up a excellent result. If you look for a really like, then it's difficult to find someone who wants to make a long-term connection with you. If you are married or in really like, then you have to pay interest on the feeling inside your fan. The really like connection to Cow people is full of doubt, mistrust, writer, issue and loss. You need to learn how to agree to, agree to, understand, thoughtful and absolve the one you really like. This is the simple way to prevent to bruise each other.

By the way, green Cow and white Equine are bad mixture for really like connection. Those individuals will regularly claim on many topics. They can create up, but won't last a lengthy time.

Health: Equine is the Mother or father Celebrity to Cow. Cow people should know how to take good care their wellness. Equine is a Travel Celebrity and it might harm Cow. Therefore, Cow people should watch out their safety while journeying. Flame is also relevant to wellness proper want to Cow. When driving, you should concentrate on the road to prevent any accident.

Cow people should do the physical exercise and take enough time to rest and rest as last season. Cow people should pay interest on the digestive function system, which are digestive system and stomach.
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