Tiger 2014 Horoscope

Competitors is a meat-eating animal. But Equine can share a area with Competitors. Maybe Equine can outrun the Competitors. In China Five Factor concept, Equine contains mainly Flame. Competitors contains mainly Timber. Timber allows Flame to burn. Timber is the mom Factor of Flame. Mother and Kid elements won't fight each other. Therefore, Competitors and Equine can get along together.

According to China daily horoscopes, Competitors and Equine have fascination connection because of Flame. That is the primary reason that Competitors and Equine can get along well together. This is excellent indication for Competitors individuals. But there is unfortunate Phantom Celebrity showing in 2014. Therefore, the lot of money of Competitors individuals is combining excellent and bad in 2104. While everything goes efficiently, Competitors individuals still need to pay attention on any ghost behind them. It's possible that a rogue plans to pull your feet because of jealousness. In short, Competitors individuals shouldn't get light headed with success. Otherwise, best of lot of money might become a loss.

Career: Competitors contains Timber, which is related to shrub. Equine contains Flame. Flame is sunlight and power, which allows shrub growing higher. With the help from Equine, Competitors will improve its working ability and increase its obligations. 2014 is a Wood made Equine season. Timber of 2014 will let Competitors becoming even more powerful. That is a indication of authority. People around will support you. It's a fun a chance to show your great ideas to individuals. A Income Celebrity is also showing in 2014. That is the indication of additional money. Also, what this means is the chance of marketing.

Fire of Equine is the Kid Factor to Timber of Competitors. Parents always invest power on their children. Equine is also a Journey Celebrity. Therefore, Equine will create Competitors busy and exhausted. If your job is amount of work improves in 2014, then that is normal and that is to be able to show your ability to individuals. And you should be able to get over the task in the Wood made Equine season.

Money: The Income Celebrity comes Cow individuals in Wood made Equine season. First of all, you must hold a job. Then, you will have a reasonable and constant earnings. This cash lot of money is not from windfall, betting or dangerous financial commitment. You need to invest some power, strength and sweating to get it.

Horse contains Flame and some World. World is connected to cash to Competitors individuals. So Competitors goes into the area of cash chance in 2014. Since your individuals connection is excellent, individuals will encourage you for financial commitment decision. If you are involved the financial commitment, then you shouldn't depend on your cash lot of money to wait for your return. you still need to observe the financial commitment carefully to create sure your financial commitment safe. This is because that the Phantom Celebrity is roaming around and looking for chances to take advantage over Competitors individuals. In general, as long as you focus on your profession, then you don't have to worry about the cash earnings.

Love: The really like connection for Competitors individuals in the season of Equine is very excellent. Competitors individuals individuals connection in 2013 is poor. If you still have the connection, then it's about a chance to try for a nearer connection. Competitors, Equine and Dog are very excellent mixture for really like connection. If you are looking for really like, then try on individuals created in season of Equine or season of Dog. It's easier to start up the connection with them.

If your really like connection is volatile now, then you have to look at anyone planting discord between you and your fan. You need to build your connection regularly and not let the feelings of really like cool down. Otherwise, your competing in really like will win the competition.

Health: Competitors individuals will be active in the season of Wood made Equine season. And Competitors individuals will have a excellent feelings, because of their excellent individuals connection. Your outdoor activities will increase. You might take more period of time in travel. So you just need to look at the safety on the road. It's easy to get harm on your feet or hands in 2014. Before you do exercise, you must do enough warm up to avoid injury. If you have trouble regarding to heart and digestive function systems for a while, then it's a chance to visit your doctor to check it up.
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